As the 2018 fiscal year comes to an end, 2019 is already starting off stronger than ever, with both a new larger office and new look website.

The Office….

With growth comes the requirement for a new office space, and fortunately we don’t have to move far. In fact, we are moving to the top floor of our current building and will occupy the entire floor.

The design was done by our in-house design team, with the inspiration being “mid century loft” and considers current trends of office wellness, technology and collaboration.  Highlights include:

  • Open plan layout to create a collaborative approach
  • “Right to light” – most of the employee desks are situated close to the perimeter windows
  • Sit stand desks
  • Technologically advanced meeting rooms and collaborative areas
  • Café style kitchen, lunch room and seating areas
  • Private phone booths
  • Wellness Room

With this move we hope to have a comfortable, functional office that provides a great working environment for our staff for years to come.

New Website…

You are looking at it…and we hope you agree that it reflects Arguson better and provides you with information on the services that we provide, our culture, values and our capabilities as a company.

Also check out our Instagram account (link on the page) for further insight into who we are!


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